Rockwell Investment Limited is a firm of experienced Independent Financial Advisers, delivering a professional and specialised service to individuals, trusts and businesses. Our combination of knowledge and expertise ensures our clients receive a quality of advice

We are committed to delivering a high standard of service that showcases our culture of professionalism, dedication and integrity. We offer a personally delivered wealth management service, developing bespoke solutions to protect and enhance client’s wealth.We believe in building strong relationships with each individual client through the development of strong long-term relationships. The understanding and trust that builds up helps us to give sensitive and appropriate advice at times when major financial decisions are being made. Our business is to help make it easier and simpler for our clients to manage their wealth. We achieve this through the provision of personal face-to-face, wealth management advice that is designed to suit short, medium and long-term individual client requirement.

We believe wealth management goes far beyond investment consulting or asset management. We recognise the critical important of investment performance, but our primary goal is to achieve the delivering of services and solution that makes our clients' financial lives easier.

We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service. We have considerable experience in providing financial planning solutions to individual clients, companies, company directors, trustees and self-employed individuals. Our balance of professionalism and friendliness has a big part to play in our success. Our service is aimed at helping clients decide how best to achieve their own financial goals.

This involves:

Potentially mitigating exposure to inheritance tax.
Helping to protect financial lifestyle in retirement and and helping to protect families from the unexpected.
Helping to arrange retirement and other benefits for the directors and employees of a business, Working with employers and employees to introduce effective and robust Staffcare packages.
We can access Life Assurance, Mortgages, Pension or Investment products from across the whole marketplace.This provides first-class services with full transparency and dedication.